11 Utterly Adorable Photos of Japanese Flying Squirrels


The pteromys momonga is a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel, and we think it's pretty damn cute. Its cousin is the Siberian Flying Squirrel and he got the sweet genes too.


We've got proof in 11 photos:


1. This one's mastered the art of camouflage.

japanese-squirrel-10Source: @BoredPanda


2. Layers of snug.

japanese-squirrel-6 Source: @BoredPanda


3. Look at that little face!

japanese-squirrel-5 Source: @BoredPanda


4. Doesn't get much cuter than a snowy squirrel.

japanese-squirrel-1Source: @BoredPanda


5. Looks like nothing escapes those big eyes.

Source: @BoredPanda


6. Just having a lil' munch.

japanese-squirrel-7Source: @BoredPanda


7. "Does this angle work for you?"

japanese-squirrel-9 Source: @BoredPanda


8. Peekaboo!

japanese-squirrel-4 Source: @BoredPanda


9. This chubby little monster is so squishy.

japanese-squirrel-2 Source: @BoredPanda


10. "Hey, what are you doing? This is my tree."

japanese-squirrel-8 Source: @BoredPanda


11. And there it goes flying!

japanese-squirrel-11Source: @BoredPanda


H/t & featured image: BoredPanda


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