11 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Adopt A Pug


Before you even think about bringing a new Pug into your life, have a read of this first. It might surprise you…


1. Not even a baby Pug staring at a water bottle could make you go all fuzzy inside. Definitely not.

baby pug puppy water bottleSource


2. And this furry baby having her first bath would never make you want a Pug puppy. Nope.

cute pug in bath puppySource


3. They’ll never let your newborn cuddle them. Oh no.

Screenshot 2015-05-01 09.50.36Source


4. They definitely won’t stand guard over your newborn. No chance.



5. They fail miserably at fancy dress. This guy always dresses as himself.



6. These guys can fly – it’s very problematic for keeping them in the garden!

pug flying Source


7. They don’t cope well with the rain.

pug on a date Source


8. They just aren’t team players. You’ll never catch them high-fiving. 

high five puppy pugSource


9. They grow up far too quickly!

pug fairgroundSource


10. They’re completely adorable lawbreakers…

pug breaking the lawSource


11. Did we mention they just aren’t cute as puppies? Not at all.

pug puppy cuteSource

OK, so you figured it out… In fact we love pugs here at the Holidog Times!