11 Poorly Pups Who Can’t Help Being So Cute (They SO Can)


Sharing your life with a dog also means supporting them through all the trials they face such as illness.


Don’t worry, all the pups you see here are only suffering from minor problems. And strangely, this makes them seem all the more cute.


See for yourself.


1. “I must always be sick so that I can wear my favourite jumper…”

poorly-pups-1Source : @sugar_the_chussel

2. “Why are you laughing? You’re not going to add this photo to my
Tindog profile, are you?”

poorly-pups-2Source : @anjastarman

3. “There are too many new things to chew on at the vets!”

poorly-pups-3Source : @oscaskee

4. “I have a new idea to feel less afraid: I will go out in my collar”

poorly-pups-4Source : @josemateot

5. “Once I’m feeling better, can I still keep my cast…? Please, I love it too much."

poorly-pups-5Source : @henri.tacos.chichi.roux


6. “Urghh… It’s impossible to get out of bed this morning…”

poorly-pups-6Source : @cabinsintheair

7. “Well, at least Alfred’s going to stay with me today. My
cuddly squirrel is my true friend…”

poorly-pups-7Source : @omg_nattles

8. “Oh yes? Really ? A lack of vitamin B12…?”

poorly-pups-8Source : @carleymendoza

9. “What do you mean by ‘staying in quarantine’?”

poorly-pups-9Source : @elizaforan

10. “
Don’t worry about me, go to work, I’ll be fine right here.”

poorly-pups-10Source : @petpetgoku

11. “I
 can’t go on anymore. I’m going to burn out. I’m going into shutdown mode.”

poorly-pups-11Source : @pandadafrenchie

Featured image: via @henri.tacos.chichi.roux