11 Moving Photos Of Firefighters Saving The Lives Of Animals


Firefighters are truly everyday heros. While most of their missions consist of helping humans, they are also often called on to save the lives of our animal friends.


The proof is in these 11 poignant photos of firefighters with the animals they just saved:


1. Grateful to the man who saved his life, this dog gives his hero a kiss 

pompiers-secours-animal-4Source: Démotivateur


2. American firemen who just saved this doe caught in a drain pipe 

pompiers-secours-animal-3Source: Démotivateur


3. This firefighter from Montana (U.S.A) giving oxygen to a kitten who they managed to pull from a house in flames 

pompiers-secours-animal-1Source: Démotivateur


4. The expression of this cat who was found in the ruins of a house after a tornado speaks volumes 

pompiers-secours-animal-6Source: Démotivateur

5. A British fireman extracts a mare trapped in the mud 

pompiers-secours-animal-7Source: Démotivateur


6. These firefighters in Kansas pulling a dog out from a frozen lake

pompiers-secours-animal-12Source: Démotivateur


7. An American fireman giving a poodle a drink of water after saving him from a housefire

pompiers-secours-animal-9Source: Démotivateur


8. A fireman giving oxygen to a hamster who escaped from the flames 

pompiers-secours-animal-10Source: Démotivateur


9. A firefighter coming out of a fire zone with the cat his just saved 

pompiers-secours-animal-12Source: Démotivateur


10. This woman relieved and reunited with her cat who she thought had died in the fire at her house 

pompiers-secours-animal-11Source: Démotivateur


11. Firemen who just saved four kittens who were trapped in a car 

pompiers-secours-animal-13Source: Démotivateur


H/t: Démotivateur


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