11 Felines Who Have Absolutely Mastered The Art Of The Cat Nap


Cats love naps. It's something that no one can deny – most cats sleep for up to 16 hours a day! Some of our furry companions love to curl up on a bed, a snuggly sofa, or (rarely) their own basket. Others find more unusual places – or positions – to doze off in…


1. Perhaps he's practicing his scales and arpeggios…


2. Comfy? Definitely.


3. There's nothing like a hammock for the purrfect cat nap!


4. It's a well known fact that cats can fill any container…


5. Did he fall asleep in the middle of a workout?


6. One relaxed feline!


7. "I'm telling you, one day I'll fit in here!"


8. Paws in the air, don't care


9. Napping with friends counts as a playdate


10. Bravery in the face of water…


11. The best position to show off those adorable toe beans!


* * *


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