11 Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Are Toxic To Cats


Watch out with those little snacks you like giving to your feline friend. As lovely as it is to give them a little treat, cats don't have the same metabolism as us and are very sensitive to certain substances found on our plates.


Here is a list of 11 everyday foods that you should never give to your cat. 🙂


1. Avocado


Source : @jasminegemz

Cats are particularly allergic to persin, a tiny toxin present in avocados which is dangerous for their heart and lungs.


2. Potatoes (Cabbages and Turnips)

Source : @BuzzFeed

This type of vegetable is dangerous for cats as they have a lot of trouble digesting it. It often induces diarrhoea. Raw potatoes contain calcium oxalate which can cause kidney problems.


3. Fruits with pips (and cores)

Source : @TerriMtCastle

Apples, pears, apricots, cherries… All seeds, pips and cores are toxic to cats. What's to blame? Cyanogenic glycosides because cats regurgitate them. It's poison!


4. Milk

Source : @Inekekamps

A crumbling myth. Sure, there are healthy cats who regularly drink milk. But many other cats are allergic to it. Especially when a cat grows up, he loses his ability to digest milk (basically becomes lactose intolerant). Don't let him be the cat who got the cream!


5. Chocolate


Source : @Wutheringbites

We know that chocolate is toxic for dogs. But cats should also be wary. Theobromine is very dangerous for them and could cause damage to their heart. A large helping of chocolate can be fatal for cats as well as dogs.


6. Canned tuna


Source : @WhatDidYouEat

Another terrible myth. Fine, a little bit is ok, but tuna from a tin should never form the base of a cat's meal. It contains loads of salt which can have a long-term damaging effect on their kidneys. Also it contains no taurine which is essential for cats to live.


7. Raw onions


Source : @Catster

Raw onions (like garlic) are bad for cats. In general, they don't like it anyway. But even so, know that they have an effect on their red blood cells and can cause various health problems.


8. Mushrooms


Source : @RobynMoulding

Like humans, cats should be wary of poisonous mushrooms. They attack the liver in particular. In the worst case, dodgy mushrooms can lead to neurological problems and even death.


9. Nuts


Source : @Miss-Pomme

Cats find it very difficult to digest nuts. They also contain a lot of phosphorus, so get them off your cat's menu pronto. Nutmeg and macadamias are particularly dangerous.


10. Coffee


Source  : @TheCatCafé

Does your cat spend too much time lounging on the sofa? Don't bother trying caffeine. It raises their heart beat to a highly accelerated rate. Even the tiniest quantity could poison them.


11. Grapes


Source : @Giphy

Here again, it's the kidneys that suffer. Grapes harm the kidney system, they are true poison for cats. The first symptoms to warn you are diarrhoea, loss of appetite, abnormal frailty… Don't wait, go straight to your vet if they've eaten grapes.


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