11 Embarrassing Things That Only People Truly Obsessed With Their Dogs Do


Of course, you love your dog. But are you one of those people who is literally obsessed with your dog?


If you are wavering over that question, then here are 11 things that only crazy dog people do:


1. You spend more on your dog than you do on yourself.

chien-balles-fete-1Source : @Imgur


2. You've made them into an Instagram superstar (or at least tried to!).

bulldog-instagram-captureSource : @Instagram


3. You feel guilty when you pet another animal loads.


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4. You hold a grudge against people who aren't interested in your dog.

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5. You celebrate your dog's birthday.

chien-anniversaire-chapeauSource : @Austin White


6. You wish you could take them everywhere with you (and you try to).

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7. Nothing's better than falling asleep alongside your best friend.

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8. You prefer evenings with your dog than with your friends.

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9. You like sharing your food with him.

chien-mange-pasta-1Source : @pets.webmd


10. You talk to her like she's human.

Woman-Petting-Dog-Ear-Happy-Whisper2Source : @NaturalNews


11. You organise your vacations around them.

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Featured image: @Austin White