11 Adorable Puppies Who Perfectly Illustrate How You Feel This Monday Morning


Monday mornings aren't the best. The sound of your alarm hits you like a slap in the face, and you realise you've got to get out of bed. And there's a whole week ahead of you.


Well, these puppies totally get you.


But maybe seeing their faces will brighten up your Monday morning?


Here are 11 puppies who perfectly illustrate your Monday morning routine:


1. You probably felt a bit disorientated when you woke up this morning…

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 18.04.54Source: @PuppiesForAll


2. The idea of getting out of bed was just not happening.

dougie-shih-tzuSource: @DailyDougie


3. But eventually you surface…

surface-pupSource: @KojiFrenchie


4. The shower wakes you up a bit.

shower-wake-upSource: @PuppiesForAll


5. Time for some breakfast.

break-timeSource: @Meeshka


6. Get dressed, put your coat on, and out the door you go.

dog-coatSource: @playwithJax


7. Outside, your eyes are still adjusting to the daylight.

monday-faceSource: @CorgiSeeley


8. You get in the car, but rush hour is just a nightmare.

rish-jourSource: @DailyBernese


9. Finally you've arrived, and now it's the climb up the long staircase to the office.

steveSource: @RetrieverSteve


10. You say 'hi' to your colleagues, and then sit down at your desk.

hi-pupSource: @cololo


11. Finally, the day begins.. Good luck!

monday-beginsSource: @atiramalshi