10 Reasons Why Big Dogs Are Definitely “Dangerous” For Your Kids


When you have a big dog and a child, people will always be telling you to be careful… After all, everyone knows that big dogs are necessarily dangerous and violent.


Be sure to never leave your toddler with your canine, it could turn out to have catastrophic consequences.


As if you needed any more proof as to why big dogs are such a hazard, here are a few reasons.



1. You can't leave them alone with kids

kids-dogs-funny-1Source: Great Dane Chronicles


2. Big dogs are anything but playful

kids-dogs-funny-2Source: Great Dane Chronicles


3. Big dogs encourage each other's aggressive behaviour

kids-dogs-funny-3Source: Great Dane Chronicles


4. When it comes to kids, they are neither loyal nor protective

kids-dogs-funny-4Source: Great Dane Chronicles


5. Big dogs are antisocial

kids-dogs-funny-6Source: Great Dane Chronicles


6. Somebody save this child!

kids-dogs-funny-5Source: Great Dane Chronicles


7. Big dogs have no patience with toddlers

kids-dogs-funny-7Source: Great Dane Chronicles


8. They are definitely not team players

kids-dogs-funny-8Source: Great Dane Chronicles


9. They have predatory instincts

kids-dogs-funny-9Source: Great Dane Chronicles


10. Just don't take your kids anywhere near them!

kids-dogs-funny-10Source: Great Dane Chronicles


Photographer Andy Seliverstoff has dedicated his work to capturing the special connection between canines and their pint-sized little friends. Next time someone tells you that your big dog is dangerous for your child, show them these photos from his project called Little Kids and Big Dogs.


H/t: Iheartdogs