This Dog Is Obsessed With Hugging Everyone She Meets


Louboutina is New York City’s very own celebrity hugging dog whose full-time job is taking walks and cuddling everyone she sees.  Cesar Fernandez-Chavez and his Loubie never practised this trick – she started doing it all on her own.


dog-hugs-ny-6Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


The pup started by holding hands, just after her human had come out of a long-term relationship. He told The Dodo:


She started sitting up and grabbing my hands with both of her paws, and then crossing the other paw over her paw. I remember joking with my friends, ‘At least I have someone to hold hands with during Valentine’s.


dog-hugs-ny-10Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram



Soon, on every walk, Loubie began to stop every few meters and hold hand with everyone she met.


dog-hugs-ny-9Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


People thought it was the cutest thing they had ever seen and she got a lot of attention.


dog-hugs-ny-1Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


Then, gradually, the golden retriever started dishing out hugs to people she made a connection with. When she would see neighbors or people she knew, instead of sitting next to them, she would wrap her paws around that person’s legs.


dog-hugs-ny-8Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


She started doing it with strangers, too, but not any strangers – only those she would make a bond with. Cesar continued:


Sometimes people run up and ask for a hug, but I tell them, ‘I don’t think it’s going to happen,’ because she has to bond with that person first. But when she sits next to someone, then I say, ‘You’re probably going to get a hug.


dog-hugs-ny-5Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


Loubie obviously loves hugging people, and they adore it too.


dog-hugs-ny-7Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


She soon became a social media star as pictures started appearing on the internet, so Cesar made Loubie her own Instagram account. She currently has over 118k followers.


dog-hugs-ny-4Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


Cesar says that seeing people happy is a wonderful thing, especially in these trying times that we are going through:


It’s nice to see people walk away with a smile. Especially with everything that is happening now, people say it’s so good to see this on the street. She’s bringing them joy. It’s very rewarding.


dog-hugs-ny-3Source: Louboutinanyc/Instagram


Follow Louboutina on Instagram to see her adorable adventures, or if you live near New York, venture to Chelsea and see if the pup deems you adequate for a hug!


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