Terrified Dogs Rescued From Dog Meat Farms Are So Happy To Be Held


A group of dogs who were living in squalid conditions and getting ready to be eaten on a dog meat farm in South Korea, have been saved and are finally safe in the United Kingdom to meet their new families, reports the Daily Mirror.


dogs-met-trade-uk-1Source: Daily Mirror


The Humane Society International (HSI) organized the rescue mission in South Korea. The pups were kept by the dozens in cramped cages, outside, in 10 degree weather, and got to roam free for the first time in their lives when they got to England. Wendy Higgins, from HSI, said:


It’s quite an emotional day for them and for all of us who have been involved with closing the farm down and saving these dogs. Today marks the start of the rest of their lives.


dogs-met-trade-uk-7Source: Daily Mirror


It is estimated that 30 million dogs are killed across Asia in the dog meat trade, including China, Laos, Thailand, South Korea, the Philippines and Cambodia to be consumed by humans.


dogs-met-trade-uk-5Source: Daily Mirror


The farm that these pups were rescued from housed over 200 dogs in small cages, with rotten food and excrement all over, violating numerous health codes and animal cruelty laws.


dogs-met-trade-uk-2Source: Daily Mirror


HSI managed to close down the farm and save each one of the 200 dogs. In recent weeks, readers of the Daily Mirror contacted the newspaper to find out how they can help or adopt the dogs that were on their way to the U.K.


dogs-met-trade-uk-4Source: Daily Mirror


dogs-met-trade-uk-3Source: Daily Mirror


And those lucky readers are the proud new owners of these adorable pups.


dogs-met-trade-uk-6Source: Daily Mirror


If you live in the United Kingdom and are interested in giving a dog a home when he was supposed to end up on a plate, you can find more information here. You can also make a donation to HSI to support the amazing work they are doing in shutting down dog meat farms in South Korea.


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