21 Photos Of Dogs Hugging Will Make You Feel All Fuzzy Inside


Sometimes we just need a nice, big hug to get us through the day. And our dogs know exactly how we feel. That’s one of the reasons we love them so much, because they just LOVE to hug.


These ones especially. Check out 21 adorable photos (and gifs, obviously) of hugging dogs that will instantly make you feel all warm and fuzzy:


1. Just enjoying the view…

lottie-the-collieSource: @lottiethecollie


2. When in doubt, hug it out.



3. That feeling of having their head on your shoulder…

shoulder-hugSource: @greciappinto


4. “As long as we’re together!”

bffs-1Source: @Giphy


5. Oh wow, French Bulldog puppies hugging.

french-bulldog-hugSource: @Onehugaday


6. Nothing beats a big dog jumping into your arms.

big-dog-hugSource: @thedoggiemagazine


7. “Nope – this hug ain’t over yet, buddy.”

 giphy-3Source: @Giphy


8. “Let’s take a break from our walk and hug on the bench.”

kid-hugSource: @DogExpress


9. Hugs on the sofa are the best. Especially with such a fluffy pup!

sofa-hugSource: @Giphy


10. Nothing can keep these two apart.

dog-fence-hugSource: @pinkbluelovescute


11. Companions for life.

head-hugSource: @GSP&co


12. Aww, look at him clinging onto his human.

clingSource: @andyfrank


13. Coming home to this…

coming-homeSource: @ARay


14. And that nap-time embrace.

nap-time-hugSource: @millie_smithh


15. Cause when times are tough, we all just want a hug.

memorial-hugSource: @Huffpost


16. “We’re gonna be best friends for life!”

new-bffsSource: @Huffpost


17. When your dog literally thinks it’s a baby. And you do too…

boodles-emnbraceSource: @boodles


18. Reunited at last.

soldier-embraceSource: @indulgy


19. Now these two really are locked in an embrace!

Source: @Pinterest


20. When the camera comes out so you grab your best friend.

dog-hug-10Source: @Patitapatita


21. Finally, if you’re desperate for a hug – hold your arms out and hope for the best!

hug-me-pleaseSource: @TiffanyLonsdale


NB. Hugging increases feelings of safety, trust, love, self-worth, belonging, happiness and appreciation. Hugs increase the levels of oxytocin in the body and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So hugs = happiness 🙂


Get hugging today!


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